Thursday, 26 June 2008

2000 Feet Away, The Bush, 21 Jun 2008

The morning started omniously as I watched the very lovely ushers at the Bush wrestle a young fainted lady.

Irregular and disjointed, and not in the good way, 2000 Feet Away suffers from underdeveloped characters the most. But with some powerful stuff in it. There's an exceptional scene between the Deputy and a pre-teen nymphet that managed to make me hold my breath.

Ian Hart was predictably excellent. But Joseph Fiennes was somewhat a surprise, at least for me. Never cared too much for him as a film actor but on stage he is an oddly compalling presence. Meticulous, committed and above all with a perfect sense of timing. If the play feels half-cooked at times but Fiennes is a triumph.

Mixed emotions but it's always great to be in the Bush and for ten quids the ticket I don't really complain at all.